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The Nine- new tv show

Review and discussion

The Nine Media


A site for the new tv show "The Nine". This site will feature caps, video, fanfic and discussions.

Discover what happens after the crisis.

Review and discussion

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simon red tinged shot

I had seen the pilot a few weeks back so this was just a revisting. Being a fan of Hank Steinberg since he created Without a Trace I was eager to see where he woudl go with this. The drama of Lost without the sci-fi. The horror of a graphic novel without the cartoons. The elements of the a soap opera without the dead husbands returning. It's only he pilot and I've heard positive and negative resviews. For me I just loved it and that was that. But that's only my narrow minded opinion.

The ending of the ep was pure Hank- a twist that makes you suck in your breath. What will happen with Felicia later on is anyone's guess but as it is obvious none of them will ever be the same again. The only character that was off to me was Egan Foote. He almost made me feel that he was creepy (but then again I did see him on Cold Case so some lingering freak out feelings there.) I liked the bewildering scene of chaos when the officers entered the building. There are so many stories to be told once the dark of the area leaves and the "lights" are turned on. (Sorry I'm very metaphorical tonight.)

The character I find most intriguing is Lucas. What lead him down the path? Why did the others defend him to an extent? It's obvious he has heart so what secret lies inside of him propelling him to do such an awful, desparate act?


What are your thoughts?

Are you shipping anyone yet?

What did you gleam from the previews?
  • I went into this show without and knowledge except that there was a hostage situation and that their lives were changed forever...didn't know anyone's name that was attached to it.

    I always find it impossible to reel in my mind after an episode of Lost, so I dl the premiere ahead of time and watched it a couple hours before Lost on Wednesday and was really blown away.

    I thought the premiere was really good, well executed and chilling. WOW. I really loved it. I read somewhere a review that the Nine is what 6 Degrees [the new jj abrams show] *should* have been and I agree.

    As for shipping, I love the Cop and, the girl that was on 24, is she a DA? Lawyer? I wasn't a fan of Scott Wolf & the girl from Prison break though... BUT that being said, we still don't know what happened so maybe my opinions could change.

    Who knows. All I know is out of the 3 new shows I've tried out this year, Six Degrees, Studio 60 and The Nine, The nine is the only that has me blown away and really excited. Six Degrees I've stopped watching after 3 episodes!
    • I love the Cop and, the girl that was on 24, is she a DA? Lawyer?

      Kim Raver. I believe her title is assistant DA.

      Some wodnerful thoughts here- I hope you discus more of the eps as they come along :)
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