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The Nine- new tv show

I have seen "Welcome Heros" now *G* so a quick review: The…

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A site for the new tv show "The Nine". This site will feature caps, video, fanfic and discussions.

Discover what happens after the crisis.

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simon red tinged shot
I have seen "Welcome Heros" now *G* so a quick review:

The episode really gained momentum in the last few minutes with Jeremy's apparent murder of Randall. This spells trouble not only for Jeremy and by extension Lizzie but also for Lucas who will now be forced to work harder to free himself. I'm interested at the hinting that Lizzie and Lucas formed some sort of bond (back in ep 1) and how this may play out when she realizes what Jeremy did. I liked how it made sense why Jeremy went off the deep end. He's not right, he's not well just like the rest of them. He has too many scars at the moment. The flashbacks to Randall, Eva and the officer's deaths provoked an understanding of what took Jeremy to his dark place. In order to move on he must kill the living memory and thus at the same time seek revenge.

The Lucas/Felicia connection is still a good mystery to hold on to. Setting up the 911 call as the reason the standoff occured was brillant for it made logical sense. (And then you get the wonderful breakdown moment). I like how the flashback in the beginning actually led right to the what-happened-next, the reveal of the 911 call that would have followed Felicia seeing her dad held at gunpoint. Poor girl.

Overall this was a better ep than the pilot and a preview to what this show could be all about (the storylines are endless really). Hopefully the show will get a chance to prove itself. This ep was high paced and very well done.

So what are your thoughts?
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